Vision and Mission

As we Aktas Group, aim to be one of the  pioneer and leader establishment which is respectful with human and environment, obtaining  the basic principles of customer satisfaction, honesty and clearness, employee happiness and stick to these values

In this context;

Our Vision: to be a leader establishment which is respectfull with human and environment  in the World market by following the improvements on the sector and to be open the new innovations by  pursuing the principle of sustainable growth

Our Mission:

to produce and supply products with proper price and high quality to meet our customers expectations, to use higher-level technological opportunities, to be open the new innovations, to create a happy family picture with its employees and to be pioneer on observance of law and business ethics.


  • Honesty, transparency and trust,
  • Respect to the environment and humans,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Presenting value to its stakeholders,
  • Creativity and diversity,
  • A spirit of cooperation,
  • Quality services,
  • Continuous development,
  • Benefiting the society, the natural environment and humanity,
  • Investing in humans and technology,
  • Continuously developing our employees,
  • Producing reliable products and becoming a reliable company that earns its customers prestige.